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  • Checking your Bt email too often can make you stressed

    According to a report by psychologists checking your email updates too often could make you feel more stressed,  People this days have a habit of continuously checking their mails.  Bt suggest to check mails only when you are waiting for some mails. Also you can manage time for scrolling over you bt mails. If you check it more often it will not only disturb you personal life but will also destroy your work thus bt suggest to check mails after fixed interval of time probably after every 4 hours or if it is urgent than after every 2 hours.

    for such users bt also provide various apps that can be downloaded on phone or pcs. As per this apps one can get notification as when you receive mails. After you download this app Bt mail service will always be running in the background which will help you to keep updates. such that you are not always busy in looking for mails and you also do not miss any important Bt mails.

  • Update in Microsoft’s Windows 10

    Microsoft’s deliver regular updates to its new operating system for Bt users.

    Bt users

    Bt users

    • Better performance
    • More from Cortana
    • Improvements to the Start menu
    • Syncing with Edge
    • Xbox One gets Windows 10


    The update is just under 4GB in size. The time it takes for your system to download and update will vary depending on your broadband speed.

  • New BT Vision update

    Bt users are coming up with different perspective for new bt update Some are liking it whereas some disagrees with the new updates. It is true that every update takes certain time for adaptation and same is the case with the new update of Bt.

    Unlike the old version new one has been done to offer wide range of channels to its customers. Thought it is little different from the previous one but it has essential feature that were not present in the last Bt.


    Bt update

    Bt update

    Though many users have registered complains related to the new version and want to have back the old one with which they were comfortable but still some users feel that Bt tool a right step and the new one is far better than the previous one.

    Let see what will be the next step, We hope that this update will soon impress the bt user and this user will soon start liking this update.



  • BT-led software update for bt users

    A new BT-led software update is now available for customers with YouView from BT
    This update includes some minor improvements over the previous update to prepare for Internet Channels due to be launched in early August. If you have any further queries regarding the services introduced, please get in touch with BT.

    Bt helpline number
    A new BT-led software update is being made available for customers with YouView from BT. This will be a phased roll-out managed by BT so some customers will get it sooner than others.

  • What is BT protect

    Bt has launched its new security product that can save bt user’s Pc and laptops. It will protect all BT connection whenever the user in logged in through internet. It also protects when users login to through Wi – Fi. The best thing is that is it available free of cost for all Bt users.
    There are several fe

    Bt customer service number

    Bt customer service number

    atures of BT protect and that is:
    1. Whenever user login into Bt from any device including the computers, laptops, tablets, iPads, mobile devices, smart phones it will protect all the devices from virus coming from internet.
    2. It is a simple setup and do not require any software for installation. It can be used via
    3. It works when you are on BT and does not stop or slow down your work while installing.
    4. After installation it warn you every time if you are about to open a harmful website or a link.

  • BT sport for its Bt users

    The Bt sport is an ultimate application for its bt users. This app allows its users to see different sports and enjoy them.

    The best part of this app is that it is a app that is successfully designed for Bt users using smart phones and tablets that is all its users can enjoy sports on their phone with it. This particular app allows you to enjoy BT sports I, Bt sports II, BT Sport Europe etc. With the updated live streaming of this app one can see each and every moment of any sport without its moments.

    Any bt user can take its subscription and enjoy the Bt sport services.

  • Your YouView software updates

    It is often a question that arises in the mind of Bt users that how to update You view+ software for better experience.

    The truth is that it automatically gets updated. The only requirement for its regular update is internet connection. If there is an availability of proper internet the YouView+ software will automatically get updated on regular basis.


    One can also update or check its update manually. For checking it manually you need to go to Setting then Device management and then to Software update after that press ok.

    Your box will check for every possible updates that are available. It will than download it automatically. The basic necessity for this software updates is that your YouView box is on standby and your hub is getting continuing internet connection.

  • The bt help through Bookmark update for Bt users

    Bt has number of features for its users. For their satisfaction it keeps on updating. Bt is the user friendly networking site that enables its users to enjoy its multiple services. For its users it has launched bookmarks facilities for helping its Bt customers.

    The bookmarks and customization
    This enables its users to bookmark their favourite web pages. With this users on can customize their online experience.

    The bt toolbar
    This toolbar can be downloaded for free from internet. After download it automatically gets installed on your browser. With this you can add the most used application on it including yahoo services like Flickr etc.
    This toolbar is for enhancing your experience and with you can access the information again – again by saving it to this toolbar. This is to provide best bt help.

  • Bt launches new updates every time

    Bt is famous for its updates and new edition. Bt is a user friendly site and to satisfy its customers its continues to work for improvements. There are many updates that bt launches every time. One of which is bt Email login.
    One of the main problems faced by Bt users is to stay logged in for future access. Unlike other email Bt users can’t stay logged in for long and every time to access you nee to login again and again in to your mail. This was the application made available for its users so to make their information secure.
    For this they are all set to re make this application now. This will soon be launched. After which it will be possible for users to stay login into their account till that user can only use remember the id password facility.

  • How the firm ware does updates work in Bt?

    While updating the firmware, the new firmware is sent to the Hub and then it is held in the memory. The best of this is it happens while you are working on it and thus it does not create any disruption in your work. In a night a reboot command is sent and it automatically gets installed overnight and hub resets itself. This all process very less time and it is installed in less than minutes.

    All the services of your BT are updates automatically including the Bt TV. For these types of updates one should try to keep their hub switched on as BT TV availability also become easy with this.